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Personally Yours Hair & Skin Care, LLC 

Specializing in 100% Natural Shea Body Butters and Body Oils 

Customer Testimonials

"It works great on my diabetic feet."

                                      - Margaret W., Homemaker

"It's the only thing I use on my locs."

                                   - Milicent D. White, CEO/Owner, Personally Yours Hair & Skin Care, LLC

I absolutely love the Jasmine Body Butter. I put it on and it lasts throughout the entire day. My legs and arms remain soft and shiny throughout the day, and the smell alone is intoxicating. My feet are also very grateful to the Jasmine Body Butter! Try it!

                                      - Erin T. Gray, Program Manager

"I LOVE MY LEMON BODY BUTTER! Makes my skin look and feel better. Last all day. That's kind of the point isn't it?"

                                       - Jay Lassiter, Political Activist from NJ

"Just want to send a shout-out to Milicent Gadgetgeek White for her shea butter samples. They are being raved about at Texas Children's Hospital. My son started an oral chemo last week. One side effect is dry skin and dark spots. He had one dry spot on his cheek, but it is doing much better now. Keep your eyes on this lady because she is headed to the top."

                                     - LaQuitea Vaughn, member of Black Owned Businesses (Facebook Group)

It works great on my eczema, especially since the steroid creams I get from my doctor thins out my skin. This is great to use in between the creams and gives my skin a chance to heal. It has also cleared up the acne on my face.

                                   - Kevin P., Media Specialist


'For about two months, my son has been on oral chemo medication. One side effect of the medicine is dry skin. The shea butter from Milicent D. White and her company have done wonders for his skin. I recently used the shea  butter on my other children's hair and it worked wonders! If you have dry skin or hair, get you some of this!'

      - LaQuitea Vaughn, Mother, Wife, & Highly-Satisfied Repeat Customer