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Personally Yours Hair & Skin Care, LLC 

Specializing in 100% Natural Shea Body Butters and Body Oils 

International Orders & Shipping Terms & Conditions

Yes, PYH&SC, LLC accepts international orders. Terms and conditions are as follows:


PYH&SC, LLC requires a minimum of 4-6 weeks lead time to process your international order. In that timeframe, I am ordering supplies for your order (at least 2 weeks to get all supplies ordered and received) as well as filling your order between my full-time job and attending school part-time.


There is a minimum order of 100 jars of either size, 2 or 4 ounces, any scent or combinations thereof.


The customer is responsible for the following:

     Supplying their contact information (to include name, phone number, email address, how/where they found            PYH&SC, LLC’s website);  

     Indicating choice(s) of size(s) and scent(s) of shea butter; 
     Choosing and notifying PYH&SC, LLC of the shipper’s name, address, phone number, email address and 
     point of contact; 
     Paying ALL of their customs, taxes, as well as any and all associated fees regarding international shipping and 
     handling of their order(s). PYH&SC, LLC does not and will not pay nor accept the responsibility of      
     paying these fees!
    Contacting PYH&SC, LLC for its SWIFT code to enact a wire transfer if that’s the customer’s preferred method 
    of payment; and
All invoices must be paid in full and payments cleared before I begin working on your order. 
No charge-backs are permitted and all sales are final.
Payment will only be accepted through:
Wire transfer into my business bank account;
Via PayPal; and
Via Square.


PYH&SC, LLC will:

I will give you and the shipper an estimated date of completion that will include time needed to obtain supplies and having enough time to make the order(s).


PYH&SC, LLC reserves the right to cancel any order at any time with and/or without prior written or verbal notice if any transaction bounces, there’s a history of charge-backs, payment doesn't clear or anything seems suspicious and/or not on the level.