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Personally Yours Hair & Skin Care, LLC 

Specializing in 100% Natural Shea Body Butters and Body Oils 

Welcome to Personally Yours Hair & Skin Care, LLC!

My mission is to create and specialize in making 100% Natural, Hand-Made, Limited-Ingredient, Shea Body Butters and Oils for Persons with Compromised Immune Systems, Sensitive Skin and/or Allergies. My shea butter recipe is formulated with the following persons in mind:

  1. Cancer Patients;
  2. The Elderly;
  3. Infants & Toddlers; 
  4. Eczema; and
  5. Persons with Allergies that need limited-ingredient moisturization.

My inspiration to create and sell my body butters and oils, came from not being able to purchase a soy-free shea butter product for my locs.  By creating my own recipe and perfecting it, I'm able to deliver a consistently, high-quality product time after time. As a triple negative breast cancer survivor, I have to limit my soy intake. I'm sure I'm not the only breast cancer survivor or cancer survivor that needs to avoid soy or other cancer-causing agents in their personal care products. Now there's a product that is customized by you, for your needs. 

Foot care and foot health is key if you're a diabetic and my customized shea butters and oils are great for diabetics as it soothes, softens and moisturizes dry, chapped and rough feet. 

When used a hand lotion, the softness remains even after washing your hands. It's great for massaging into your cuticles to help prevent and/or heal broken or torn cuticles. It's also great as a moisturizer after you shave.

I use the shea butter as a hot oil treatment for my locs. I also use it as a butter to soothe and moisturize my itchy scalp before and after styling. It's all I use in and on my hair to scent, moisturize, protect and soothe my hair and scalp. 

My vision is to get my products into hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices and in the hands and homes of individuals. I began my business in earnest in late September 2014 with the idea of providing products to people with compromised immune systems that can't use conventional lotions, creams and body butters.

I am interested in getting my products in the hands of people with cancer, diabetes, allergies, compromised immune systems or any other illness that causes them to be susceptible to products that contain soy, parabens, petroleum, mineral oils and synthetic ingredients.

All orders made fresh upon order placement and refrigerated until shipped or hand-delivered. No stock sitting around to go stale or lose its fragrance. When you go to the Buy It Now! tab, don't think I'm sold out of the fragrances and sizes you want; I'm just waiting for you to place your order so I can customize it to your request and deliver to you the freshest product possible.

All orders are fresh, hand-made, custom-made and shipped via USPS within 24 hours of ordering; or if you're in the MD/DC/Northern VA area, I can deliver it to you in person. Just let me know if you want it shipped or hand-delivered (use the comment box next to the item on the Buy It Now! page).